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At Rosedale Funerals your family comes first. We will walk with you through the process of arranging a funeral, explaining all of the options available, to ensure a personalised funeral service to farewell your loved one.

Rosedale Funerals provide day and night attention, every day of the year by our trained and caring staff to arrange funerals for city, country, interstate or overseas.

You can download an information leaflet of services provided by Rosedale Funerals from our documents.

Funeral Plan Management

At Rosedale Funerals we believe in ensuring your peace of mind. Rosedale Funerals recommend structuring a funeral plan as they make sound financial and emotional sense. Not only can they protect your loved ones from unnecessary stress at a difficult time, they can also ensure that your own wishes be carried out, thus ensuring your peace of mind.

When planning ahead there are a number of options to consider, including whether to organise for the entire service in advance, or simply set aside money to contribute towards your funeral expenses.

The Funeral Plan Management website www.fpmanagement.com.au will provide review of the available options;

Funeral Bond  Travel Protection Plan

Rosedale Funerals are available to provide assistance with your funeral plan considerations.